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Allow me to showcase your ideas to my global list of engaged email subscribers and drive motivated professionals to your landing page

That sounds like me!

Secure your place on my leading marketing podcast and get your message in front of engaged business professionals, ready to hear your story.

And I'll make it fun. Promise.

Position yourself alongside your most successful peers and get your pitch in front of the right people, generating a buzz for your new products and driving quality traffic to your landing page. Join the growing ranks of industry experts who have been featured on my It’s Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee podcast, and share your insights with our global audience, eager to hear from you.

This is the one podcast you cannot miss. Take your place amongst the best in the business and promote your offer to an exclusive audience waiting to hear from you.

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Are you looking for the next great channel to promote your brand?

Craving a real conversation with another expert to showcase your mastery and expertise?

Someone who isn't quite the same as all the other podcasters out there.

I know, I get it.

Searching for an untapped global audience of professional business owners?

Or perhaps you're just looking for someone with a different take.

Podcasting is the new "it" marketing strategy, and it seems everyone has their own show. Sorting the wheat from the chaff is only going to get tougher because there's only one thing we all share.


You can't appear on just any show, there's just not enough hours in the day.

You need to ensure the interviews you do give are actually worth it.

Able to boost your credibility, generate real interest in your products and brand, and create authentic connections with prospects who fit your ideal customer profile.

A podcast I can honestly say isn't quite like anything else out there…

This sounds like fun!

Why would you want to be a guest?

If you're wanting to drive targeted traffic to your landing page

If you're looking for an untapped audience to advertise your services

If you're seeking a natural host who actually makes guests comfortable on air

If you’re wanting to do all this is in less than thirty minutes

You're in luck.

You're in luck. That's exactly what you get on my podcast recommended to entrepreneurs to stay informed and motivated. Each week, I interview legends in their respective industries.

Introducing their message to an exclusive audience of over 31,000 highly engaged email subscribers (and counting), not to mention all of our listeners and fans on social media.

If you're wanting to reach an audience of professional business owners, this is your chance. I'd like you to be a guest on my show.

I'm always on the lookout for guests who can bring something unique to my audience, demonstrating not only their success, but explaining how they've done things in a new way, or a little differently to ensure they stand out. True masters of their craft.

But right about now you're wondering about me.

If my podcast will be any good.If it'll be worth your time, and whether or not there's any real substance to my claims.At the risk of being a little too self-promotional, I want you to know I don't just interview anyone.

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Look at the list of people I have interviewed so far.

(Click any picture to view that episode)

Robin Waite

Robin Waite

Robin is the Fearless Business Coach.

Fearless Business helps amazing business owners to FINALLY grow their business and shift away from a value-driven exchange of "time-for money" to charging based on "RESULTS" and RESULTS ALONE. 

Jill Maidment

Jill Maidment is the Founder and Director of Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales. She is a highly respected, sought-after and effective International Executive Business Coach and Mentor, Career Transition and Outplacement Coach, Resilience Coach, and British Psychological Society qualified Assessor.

Simon Hague

Simon runs the coaching and facilitation business, Wheresmylunch. Working in a frame of wider wealth (social, intellectual, community and financial), he helps people to unlock dreams and passions that have before just been that.

It’s Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee

Right, so what I'm offering is pretty simple…

A chance to share your expertise with a ready and eager audience. With me by your side to make sure it'll be the easiest podcast interview you've ever done. I'll keep the spotlight on you, while you explain your business, and ultimately promote your offer to all of my listeners.

A chance to share your expertise with a ready and eager audience. With me by your side to make sure it'll be the easiest podcast interview you've ever done. I'll keep the spotlight on you, while you explain your business, and ultimately promote your offer to all of my listeners.

Phew. So that's it.

You come to my stage, and broadcast your message to thousands of new potential followers, fans, and perhaps even customers, across a wide range of channels.

And I get an exciting new expert to have a genuine chat with.

It really is a win-win. Let me help take your business to the next level, and share your insights with my audience.

Click the button below, and let's schedule a time for the interview. And after the interview, we can chat and see how else I can help you. 

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    I will also…

  • Share the podcast episode with my highly engaged list of email subscribers

  •  Permanently post your episode on our website, with a link to your landing page

  • Share our chat with LinkedIn connections and link to your landing page

  • Share our chat in a closed group of Facebook friends with a link to your landing page

  • Tweet our chat to my Twitter followers with a link to your landing page

  •  Publish the interview to my YouTube channel with another link to your landing page

  • Provide you with the links to the podcast so you can use it in your promotional material

  • Open the doors for you to connect with other great podcasts hosts in my personal network 

  • If you're looking for your next great stage, you've found it.If you want to engage with an exclusive network of professionals, potentially sparking relationships with new partners and clients…You cannot miss the opportunity.But that's not all.I genuinely want to make this the easiest interview you've ever done. 

    So, here's what I'll do.On the call, I'll give you time to cover five questions. Each question is one in a carefully structured sequence that’s not only designed to add value to my audience but to also speak directly to those listeners who need what you’ve got.No, I'm not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.I'm just giving you the chance to prepare.To make a few notes beforehand. Guaranteeing nothing gets overlooked on the call, to ensure you make the perfect pitch, and ultimately drive more traffic to your landing page. 

    Here are the questions…

  • What’s the biggest challenge your ideal client (describe them in a few sentences) faces?

  •  What are the common mistakes people make when trying to solve that problem without help?

  •  What is one Valuable Free Action (VFA) that the audience can implement that will help them solve that problem?
    What is one Valuable Free Resource (VFR) that you can direct people to that will further help with that problem?

  • . What concept/book/program/talk has been most impactful in your experience?

  • What’s the one question that I should have asked you that would give great value to our audience.(And the answer please!)Book your time NOW

  • Just complete the form below to get your spot reserved